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      Mitchell Elementary Wraparound Services


      My role as a Wraparound Specialist is to provide support for any non-academic need that our students may have. To be able to provide this support, I work closely with different HISD Departments, community members, outside organizations and local businesses to be able to provide resources for our students. This support can be provided directly by the Wrapround Department, our school or by referring a student/family to an outside organization so that they can receive services needed. I also work closely with school personnel and parents to find ways to best support the student because it truly takes a village to raise and support a child. 

      Part of my job is also to bring different service providers to our school and my goal is to bring providers that can offer meaningful experiences that can enrich the lives of our students and resources that can be accessed at school. Mitchell Elementary currently has the Backpack Buddy Program, H.E.M.Y.S, Abundant Life Counseling Services, Food Bank Mobile Pantry, Girls Scouts, DePelchin Parenting Classes, Project Saving Smiles, as well as See to Succeed, and we hope to expand and bring more providers.  

      The easiest way to get in contact with me and share the need of your student/family is by submitting a Student Assistance Form (SAF.)  Anyone from the school community, students, parents, teachers and school personnel can access this form by clicking here (SAF)  and can make a request on the student's behalf. In order to receive services, the student must be attending to Mitchell Elementary.  This request shows up on my platform's dashboard and it allows me to identify the student, find out what the need is and follow with parents/guardians and others. This form is private, and it is not shared with other entities. It's truly an honor to be able to make a difference the life of a child.  My name is  Alzaada Aikens, and I'm happy to be the Wrapround Specialist at Mitchell Elementary.


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