A scoring guide is a tool used to describe the various levels of quality and complexity of a specific task. The scoring guide clearly identifies the criteria which will be used to evaluate the work.

    A scoring guide is different from a letter grade, because it is designed to provide the student with very specific feedback about the characteristics of their work which are strong, and those areas which need improvement. In this way the scoring guide should be viewed as a tool to assist each student in monitoring their progress towards proficient work.Cycle grades will be reported each six weeks. In accordance with state law, the following grading scale is used at Hartman Middle School.


                            90 – 100       A – Excellent

                            80 – 89         B – Good

                            75 – 79         C – Fair

                            70 – 74         D – Poor

                            Below – 70   F – Failing


    A student may be promoted only on the basis of academic achievement or demonstrated proficiency in the subject matter of the course or grade level.  To earn credit in a course, a student must receive a grade of at least 70 based on course-level or grade level standards.

    Written reports of your child’s grades, performance and absences in each class or subject are issued to you at least once every six (6) weeks.

    At the end of the first three (3) weeks of each grading period you will be given written notice of your child’s performance (progress report).


    B.   Five-point Scale Scoring Guide



    Work at this level is both exceptional and memorable. It shows a distinctive and sophisticated application of knowledge and skills.


    Work exceeds the standard. It shows a thorough and effective application of knowledge and skills.


    Work at this level meets the standard. It is acceptable work that demonstrates application of essential knowledge and skills. Minor errors or omissions do not detract from the overall quality.


    Work at this level does not meet the standard. It shows basic, but inconsistent application of knowledge and skills. Minor errors or omissions detract from the overall quality. Work needs further development.


    Work at this level shows little or no application of knowledge and skills. It contains major errors or omissions.

    C.     Grade Clarification

    When there is a question regarding a course grade, the following procedure should be used:

    1.    Talk with the teacher who assigned the grade and ask for clarification and explanation of the grade.

    2.    Schedule an appointment with the grade level Dean for assis­tance.

    D.     Report Cards

    Official reports of student progress are made at the end of each cycle (6 weeks). Report cards are given to the students.

    First Cycle.................................….October 12, 2012

    Second Cycle …….....................November 16, 2012

    Third Cycle.............………………...January 11, 2013

    Fourth Cycle ……………………………....March 1, 2013

    Fifth Cycle ………………………………….April 19, 2013

    Sixth Cycle ………………………………….June 6, 2013


    E.     Find Out How Your Child is Doing

    Parents are enthusiastically encouraged to be informed about their child’s school performance. If parents find that the report cards, the progress reports, and the phone calls teachers make to parents are not answering questions about student progress, please call the Principal, at 713-845-7434, for an appointment.

    At any time during the school year parents may request and schedule a conference with their child’s teachers, and/or an administrator.

    F.      Parent Assistant

    Parents are able to access school information about their student(s) via a secure, password-protected website.ThePSConnectWeb site offers access to grades andattendance as teachers enter data in their online gradebooks.

    To register you will need to have the following information:

    ·Parent First and Last Name

    ·Student ID (HISD)

    ·Student First and Last Name

    ·Student Address

    ·Student date of birth

    ·Last 5 digits of student’s Social Security numberif on file with HISD.If not on file, use the last 5 digits of the “SNumber” provided to your child by HISD. Please  callthe school if you do not know this number.

    Please contact the Super School Parent Center at the HMS office for your Parent Assistant Password and training.




    Homework is an important complement to classroom learning at Hartman Middle School. The purpose of homework is to supplement and extend the instructional program. Homework is assigned at Hartman MS for one of the following purposes:



    To get ready for the next day's lesson.



    To reinforce and review material presented in a previous lesson.




    To expand upon concepts already taught in class.



    To use students' own ideas related to a class topic to invent something new.


    H.   Homework Plan

    Homework should be expected on a regular basis in most academic classes.

    ·Write down the exact assignment and its deadline in the student planner.

    ·Know what books, materials, and information will be necessary to complete the assignment.

    ·Understand the purpose of the assignment.

    ·Ask questions about any portion of the assignment that is confusing.

    ·Budget your time– develop a schedule, divide assignments into manageable units, take a 5 minute break, wait a day before refining a rough draft into its final form.

    Parents can best support their student by providing a place and time to do homework. This support is important, as is the encouragement to complete assignments regularly.