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Mrs. Reyes, Attendance Office Clerk

Absences from school is the greatest single cause for poor academic achievement. The responsibility for school attendance of a student lies with both the student and the parent/guardian. The State Compulsory Attendance Law specifically states that the parent is obligated to see that the student is in school.  If a student should be absent, upon returning to school, the student must bring a note signed by his/her parent or guardian to verify the absence.  The student should provide the note to the Attendance Office within 3 days of the absence.  Students absent for an "acceptable reason" will be marked "excused."  Students not absent for an "acceptable reason" and/or students who fail to remit a note will be marked as "unexcused."

"Acceptable reasons" for absences are provided below:

  • Illness (note must include a medical physician's signature)
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Observation of religious holidays (requested in advance of the religious observation date) 

Students who are tardy, cut classes, and/or obtain early dismissals will lower their attendance rate if they do not complete the required number of classroom minutes. Again, students are expected to attend classes every day.  Those who do not will be marked absent by their teacher(s) and will be considered absent for the entire day, unless a correction is submitted to the Attendance Office.