How to Apply to a School Choice Program

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    The HISD School Choice application will be available online or through a paper application on September 27, 2019. An application takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Before starting, if your child is a current HISD student, please locate his or her HISD student ID number on a report card or by calling their school.  
    When there are more qualified applicants than space available, a school-specific lottery or audition shall be used to select students. All lottery sessions will be held at Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center by the Office of School Choice. Lottery results are not final until approved by the Office of School Choice.
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Magnet Qualification Matrix

  • Some secondary programs use a matrix to qualify students. Students who are qualified are entered in a lottery to determine who is offered a seat. This year, all schools that use a matrix will be using the same matrix. The matrix is posted here

Qualifying for Secondary Programs

  • Certain Secondary Magnet programs have requirements for qualifying such as auditions for particular fine arts programs, language proficiency, a school determined minimum grade from last year's report card average of core classes, G/T identification, or other qualifications listed below.  Refer to this Chart.  
    • Audition- applicants will be invited to audition.
    • G/T Identification- students must meet the HISD requirements to be identified as G/T
    • Open Enrollment- All students who apply will be entered in lottery
    • XX- programs with a numerical score require students to have at at least that score to qualify for inclusion in their lottery
    • Bellaire- participation in Pimsleur Language Aptitude Battery
    • Garden Oaks and Wilson Montessori-recent Montessori experience required
    • Mandarin School-Mandarin Chinese vocabulary assessment
    • Wharton-recent dual language or bilingual experience required
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