• Our History

    In 1929, there was only one (1) two room school in Acres Homes accommodating First through Eighth Grades. The school was named White Oak School and was located on West Montgomery Road. Mrs. R. J. Mosely was the Head Teacher. For the 1930-1931 school year, another room and teacher were added. There was an increase in enrollment in 1932, which necessitated a second teacher. The Greater Zion Baptist Church provided additional classroom space for a small fee.

    The student population continued to increase. The Wright Land Company deeded to the Houston Independent School District five (5) acres of land for a new school to be built. On September 19, 1932, Highland Heights School opened with Mrs. R. J. Mosely as Head Teacher. Mrs. Mosely used the running board of her car for an office chair and her lap for a desk as the two room portable structure was not completed for the opening day. Consequently, school was dismissed. Parents and students asked to return the next day. Mrs. Bessie M. Catchings was the third teacher added after 89 students enrolled on the second day. She was assigned to teach First through Third Grades and worked tirelessly until she retired in June of 1952. Despite many unfavorable conditions, the work and school programs were favorably received by the parents and school patrons because it unquestionably provided excellent training for the students.

    On December 22, 1941, the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District approved the name, Mable B. Wesley for the school. In 1945, the community asked for a new site and a permanent building. The request was granted. On September 30, 1949 Wesley's new facility was opened. The First, Second and Third Grades were left at the old location ( Highland Heights) and the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth graders were bussed to Wesley. To eliminate the busing of students, the School Board decided to establish a boundary and make two separate schools. The old school, Highland Heights Elementary School retained its original name and was located at 865 Paul Quinn- Houston, TX 77091.

    Highland Heights Elementary School is approximately nine (9) miles northwest of downtown Houston gently nestled between West Montgomery Road and West Tidwell. This urban community is a unique mixture of old and new, urban and rural, commercial and residential property. The population has shifted in the past 5 years and is now predominantly Hispanic with a significant percentage of African American students. We also have a small percentage of Caucasian and Asian students. The current enrollment is approximately 460 students. The School Board approved a new State of the Art facility which we have occupied since 2007.