• Durham Shared Decision Making Committee
    Statement of Purpose

    The purpose of the Durham Shared Decision Making Committee (hereafter referred to as the SDMC) is to use expertise and support to increase student achievement by:
    • Focusing decisions on student achievement
    • Providing better services and programs for students
    • Building capacity at the site level by developing expertise in, and leadership opportunities for staff and parents
    • Increasing staff morale
    Scope of Work
    The SDMC will make decisions in the areas of
    • Personnel selection
    • Budget expenditures
    • Curriculum
    • Site-based staff development
    • Scheduling within the school day
    • Student attendance and discipline
    Parents of students and employees of Durham Elementary School are eligible for membership on the SDMC. The SDMC will be comprised of fourteen members: principal, two administrators, five teachers, one administrative support staff member, two community members, one business person, and two parents.
    All members will serve a term of two years. Elections for new members to the SDMC will take place by September 30th of each year. Members may not be elected to serve two consecutive full terms except in the event that no new person has his or her name placed in nomination. If that occurs, a member whose term has expired may have his/her name placed on the ballot. (Assuming and completing another member’s term does not constitute a full term.) All members will be nominated and elected by their peer group (parents by parents, certified by certified, and classified by classified). If any member of the SDMC resigns or vacates a position, the SDMC will appoint a new member from interested volunteers to serve the balance of the unexpired term. A member may resign at any time, or a position may be declared vacated when a third meeting during one school year is not attended.
    Roles and Responsibilities
    The principal will serve as the facilitator for all meetings. The facilitator will:
    • Calendar all meetings for the year
    • Arrange for a meeting site for each meeting
    • Create an agenda
    • Post the agenda in the office 72 hours before the meeting
    • Notify all concerned parties
    • Provide necessary materials
    A secretary will be appointed by the SDMC to take notes during the meetings and to reproduce the minutes that will be shared with stakeholders. Each month, the secretary will send copies of the minutes to the Area Administrator and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.
    Organization Matters/Meetings
    The Durham SDMC will meet 7 times per year or more frequently as school business requires. Committees will submit a report/update when their scope area is addressed in the agenda.
    All meeting agendas will be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting in an area where all stakeholders have access to them. All agendas will include:
    • Introduction of any visitors and/or new members
    • Acceptance of the agenda and review of the code of conduct
    • Review of previous meeting’s minutes and action items
    • Reports from subcommittees organized around the scope areas
    • Discussion and consensus of agenda items
    • New business/open forum
    • Reminder of next meeting date
    A quorum (1/2 of members plus 1) must be present to make decisions. Without a quorum present, the SDMC can discuss business, but no action can be taken. The facilitator will begin each meeting on time with an opening activity and approval of the agenda. Review of the last meeting’s minutes and action items will follow. The facilitator will then ask for subcommittee reports in each scope area. Following stated business, members may share other items for discussion during the Open Forum section of the agenda. The SDMC may request that a subcommittee gather data for review by stakeholders and/or SDMC; present a proposal to stakeholders for consensus; and under special circumstances the SDMC may charge a committee with making a final decision (i.e. recommending personnel for hire).
    At the September meeting the SDMC will concur on the dates, time, and place for all general meetings during the ensuing school year. A member of the SDMC may call emergency meetings. Meetings of the SDMC may be cancelled for emergencies of a lack of quorum.
    Simple majority shall be the means of making a decision. All decisions will be made in accordance with the dictates of legal agreements made with the school district and any state laws governing the area of discussion. All members of the SDMC have an equal say in the decision-making process. A notice or meetings, agendas, personal contact with stakeholders, and other forms of communication will be used to inform all stakeholders and to provide opportunities for input. All information concerning decisions of the SDMC will be available to all stakeholders. Minutes will be published in a timely manner following the meeting. Copies of the minutes will be posted on the school website, in the staff lounge and on the parent info board at the school entrance. In keeping with our purpose, all decisions of the SDMC must address student achievement and relate to one or more of the scope areas.