• Fine Arts & Sports Development Magnet Program 
    WMS Wolfpack
    The Welch Magnet Program for 6th-8th grade motivated students develops and strengthens their abilities in:
    • Dance
    • Band
    • Computer Technology
    • Sports Medicine
    • Lifetime Sports
    • Art 
    • AND academic excellence.
    Along with our great campus course offerings, we have an annual CAMP OLYMPIA trip for eligible magnet students. CAMP OLYMPIA has opportunities with horseback riding, archery, and more! *2022 - 2023 subject to health needs.*
    We promote self-discipline and leadership skills that will enable students to perform at all levels. When students graduate from our program, they will carry their success here with them wherever they go.
    TO APPLY: See the announcement at the top of this page. If you're already a Welch student and want to join our magnet program for next year, apply!
    Questions? Email Magnet Coordinator Ms. Maybeth Biantan or call 713-778-3300.