ReUp Movement

  • The ReUP Movement brings programs such as agriculture, law, and sports. All of these programs are needed to help our youth become well-balanced. Our communities are so closed off from the world, and we wonder why our kids only see the blocks, hourly jobs, and trap houses as their lifestyles. We are here to show our kids how powerful they are and can be if they really focus and put the work in to get there. We will be taking the children out to events like museums and college games, to name a few. We use these types of events, like team-building exercises with our students. We know that once the bond is created, only then can we really mentor the youth to make decisions to become what God created them to be.

    They will become well-rounded, educated individuals with a purpose that is greater than themselves. Our youth will not start over. They will step into this world with a better understanding of what it will take to become successful in their own way. Even though we are doing God’s purpose, along with helping his children, it does not mean we are immune to the troubles of life. We are individuals with our own problems and in search to make ourselves better every day. There have been times when we have come up short for an event and didn’t have the funds or products to do what we said we wanted to do, but we always made away. Just like we tell our kids, life is a process, and as long as you are a blessing to others, God will make a way even when you think otherwise. We are surrounded by a great team that helps our vision come to life. We are THE REUP MOVEMENT and it is our time to change the world and make the difference that is needed. Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported us throughout our journey. Thank you, God, for THE vision. Without you, nothing would be possible. 

    - Walter Barreda


    ReUP movements serve as mentors for our youth here at Welch Middle. They provide opportunities for our students to grow outside the normal academic area.