• Student Clubs Expectations

    Welch Middle School encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities. Our student organizations encourage success, cultivate competition, and maximize our student's potential. All student organizations have missions and goals meant to enhance students participation in and out of class.

    • Student Government Association (SGA)
    Student organization members are considered to be Champion leaders, as student leaders the expectations are following:
    1. Act as a positive peer in the hallways, cafeteria, library, and every classroom
    2. Act as a classroom leader and helper by leading the way to classroom participation, productivity, and success
    3. Act as a student ambassador when we are hosting parents, community leaders, and parents
    4. Act as a student volunteer in keeping Welch safe, clean, and cooperative
    5. Act as a student leader before, during, and after school, representing Welch in the best way possible at all times.
    6. Students falling below passing will face consequences within their organizations, teachers and assistant principals have the right to request student participation in activities be halted based on grades or behavior in the classroom
    7. Student clubs have different practice times and locations. Sponsors will clearly communicate practice requirements and student participation requirements
    8. Student organizations host parent meetings for students interested in student organizations
    9. Student organizations that compete follow the same UIL rules as UIL activities. No PASS, No PLAY
    10. Student Club sponsors or the principal may cancel practices or activities. If you are unsure of your child's participation or practice times please call 713-778-3300.