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    Hi! My name is Cinthia Salazar, the new Wraparound Specialist for Southmayd Elementary School. I am a University of Houston-Downtown Alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. As a proud Houstonian, the love for my city drives me to uplift my community, and I am excited to join the Southmayd family and community. The Mission Continues, a non-profit I enjoy working with, is a perfect example of an organization that strengthens the city through the efforts of military veterans.


    As a Wraparound specialist, I am eager to work with community members and teachers/staff to support students in meeting their needs. Wraparound is a unique department established by HISD to uplift the students who attend Southmayd and simultaneously impact the community.  Wraparound focuses on meeting students' non-academic needs and families' needs, including basic needs, mental and physical health, legal, cultural, and much more.  As a specialist, I will respond to needs by connecting students to appropriate resources and service providers that offer rental assistance, food assistance, or therapy, etc. to support the student inside and outside the classroom. It is crucial to the community's empowerment and our students' success to partner with service providers and build ongoing relationships to provide services that meet our students' needs and have a meaningful impact on their lives.


    Wraparound is currently offered at Southmayd and can be accessed by submitting a Student Assistance form (SAF). I encourage community members: students, teachers/staff, parents, and community partners that if they "see something, they do something" concerning the wellbeing of a student and submit a SAF. Wraparound can only be successful with the involvement of the community. Being my eyes and ears, engaging with me, and vocalizing your concerns and community strengths is crucial in our students' success. I look forward to working with you all and I am excited for the new school year!


    My contact information is below along with different links and QR code to access the Student Assistance form. You may also visit the Wraparound Southmayd twitter page and my Bitmoji classroom to get access to some resources and view the bimonthly newsletter.  


    Email: Cinthia.salazar@houstonisd.org

    Work Phone: (832) 819-0864

    Bitmoji Classroom: https://tinyurl.com/y5pn98ek

    Twitter: @Southmayd_wrap

    Saf links: https://tinyurl.com/hisdsaf