• Isa
    The Wharton Elementary Dual Language philosophy promotes both Spanish and English as languages of equal value. We feel that by placing importance on both languages, we are not only preparing our students for the multi-lingual, multicultural world we are living in, but they are also learning the importance and value in respecting other cultures in our increasingly global society.

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    What is the ISA program model?

    The International Spanish Academy (ISA) program is an educational outreach initiative of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain where high performing schools in the United States and Canada implement a Spanish-English dual language immersion curriculum with the support, consultancy and recognition of the Ministry.

    The program design includes a content-based instructional curriculum for different subjects, in which the Spanish language, and the culture and history of Spain and of other Spanish speaking countries are present, within the K-12 framework.

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