I will be respectful, responsible, safe and prepared
I will … help create an environment where teachers can teach and everyone can share in successful learning.
… cooperate with all members of the school community.
… respect others, the environment, and myself.

The threefold goal of The Rice School Code of Conduct is:
1. To set the expectation that students will always be held accountable for the behavior they CHOOSE.
2. To show students how to MONITOR their behavior, and
3. To give students practice in EVALUATING the behavior they choose.

As a student:
1. I am responsible for learning the behavior expectations of my school community.
2. I choose the ways that I behave.
3. I know that I am accountable to my school community for my chosen behaviors.

As a teacher, administrator and school staff:
1. I am responsible for providing consistent modeling of appropriate school community behavior.
2. I am responsible for providing consistent supervision of student behavior.
3. I am responsible for providing consistent correction of student behavior.

Houston ISD Code of Student Conduct is our framework for campus discipline.
The following identifies possible consequences for inappropriate behavior:
• Loss of Privileges (i.e. recess, field trips, school dances, assemblies and other extracurricular activities).
• After school Detention
• In School Suspension (ISS)

• Suspension (as per HISD Code of Student Conduct)

Download a pdf of the HISD Code of Student Conduct here:
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Download this form to request a printed copy of the Code of Student Conduct, and take it to the front
office of your student’s school.

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Download Code of Student Conduct Title IX Supplement 2020-2021
New Title IX regulations went into effect August 14, 2020. The new regulations require major changes to how school districts respond to Title IX complaints/violations as it pertains to both students and employees, including a separate and distinct complaint reporting process, formal complaint filing process, investigation and grievance processes and procedures, an appeals process and an informal resolution process.
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