• School Hours/Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    Daily Schedule


    7:15am Campus opens and students are supervised
    7:40am Students enter classrooms
    7:45am Instruction begins
    7:50am Students are tardy
    8:00-8:05am Daily morning announcements
    9:30am Official Daily Attendance
    3:05pm Dismissal (as of Jan. 29 this has changed to 3:15pm)

    Since there are no provisions for supervision of children at the end of the regular school day, or if they are not enrolled in the after school program, Leopard’s Den, the Houston ISD Police Department will be asked to pick up students remaining on campus beyond a reasonable time. Students and parents are hereby apprised of the times before and after school when the students are not supervised.


    Student Pick Up Parents may choose one of two methods of pick up—carpool or walk up.

    ● Carpool parents will stay in vehicles and drive through the front driveway. The parents will print, on a folder, the last name(s) of the student(s) they are picking up. The folder is to be displayed in the windshield on the passenger side so that a staff member can easily call out the name(s). Students will wait in the multipurpose room and staff members will call students and assist with loading the students into vehicles. Parents MUST remain in their vehicle.
    ● Walk up parents will park or walk up and enter the campus through the rear gate on the Timberside Street side of the building. Pre-K/Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the orange hall rear door. 1st and 2nd grade students will be dismissed from the yellow rear door. Students in grades 3rd, 4th and 5th will be dismissed from the green hallway. Parents may not enter the building and walk to these areas.

    Bus/Day Care Riders

    Students who ride HISD buses or day care buses/vans will be dismissed at the side entrance of the building on Timberside. Staff members will be on duty to put students on buses. It is vital that we keep the hallways clear in order to keep the children safe.


    Students walking home will exit the front entrance. Students going to the park will meet at the flag pole and be escorted to the park by school personnel.

    Leopard’s Den

    Students registered for the Leopard’s Den program are sent directly to their classes at dismissal. Parents must park and sign out their child(ren) with the Leopard’s Den staff in the cafeteria. When children do not attend Leopard’s Den, they will go to the multipurpose room to wait for parent pick up.


    Parking is allowed in the front of the building in designated slots ONLY. There is no parking along the circular drive. Please observe signs for street parking and avoid the bus lane on Timberside, as well as any other posted parking restrictions.