important message Arrival / Dismissal Information
    Dismissal is a hectic, crucial, and VERY vulnerable time for our students. To ensure our students’ maximum safety, we are tweaking the dismissal process.

    We will use pink Car-Rider passes for car riders (with the child’s name, grade, and a LONGFELLOW stamp). Parent Car-Rider Pick-up will have numbered posts or traffic cones along the driveway to pick up children (to avoid traffic backlogs).

    Parent walk-up will have a green, yellow, or orange lanyard/wallet-sized Walk-Up pass with the child’s name, grade, and a LONGFELLOW stamp to pick up a child. Parent walk-ups will pick up their child/children at the rear of the school (in the playground /recess area) by the glass door exits at the end of each hall.

    At 3:25 p.m. Parent Walk-Up ends and students will be brought to the car lines in the school foyer. Walk-up parents must then get in their car and go to the end of the Car Rider line.

    Students who are registered with the afterschool park program will be escorted to Linkwood Park by a school staff member.

    In order to ensure that children leave the campus with approved persons, ALL passes must have a LONGFELLOW pass in order for staff to release a child.

    If parents do not have a valid Car-Rider pass or Walk-Up pass, they must park their vehicle and bring their ID to the Front Desk. Staff will check to see if they are on the “Child Pick-Up List” and validate the ID if so.

    Parents will not be allowed to enter the back or side doors of the school at dismissal. They must come to the FRONT of the school. This way we restrict/control access to the school during this vulnerable time and increase our students’ safety.

    Students should be picked up by 3:35 p.m. unless they are in tutorials or afterschool activities.

    Parents, please know that we are doing everything we can to ensure your child’s safety. With so much happening in schools today, we understand the importance of being consistent schoolwide with our norms and systems. They are crucial to maintaining order, safety, and an optimal learning environment in a school of our size. Please “Think Win-Win” and “SYNERGIZE” with us in reinforcing these rules to create a safer environment for everyone. 
    Download our 2017-2018 dismissal map (PDF).