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    ManageBac is a web-based solution designed to help IB schools comprehensively manage their IB Diploma & Middle Years programmes. For Coordinators, ManageBac centralizes the school’s IB records and deadlines allowing them to oversee requirements more efficiently. It keeps students organized with a consolidated planner and significantly reduces paperwork for teachers. It organizes different components of IB requirements:  EE, ToK & Internal Assessment requirements for the Diploma programme, and Community & Service and the Personal Project for the Middle Years programme.

    Where do I get my login information for ManageBac?

    Contact the Advanced Academics department at Lamar High School for your ManageBac username and password. All 10th graders will get setup with their accounts when they begin the Personal Projects component, usually in late September of each year. 

    Why do I need to use ManageBac?

    This web site allows students and teachers to communicate as they work together on Personal Projects. It also is a resource of information for students working on Personal Projects, CAS, and IB Diploma goals. By using this system students and teachers can fullfill their reporting requirement and share ideas and updates on their progress. This web system replaces the previous paper based system, improving the efficiency and convienience for everyone.