1   3 Ring Binder (2 inch)

    2   Boxes of Crayons, 24 assorted colors

    5   pks. #2 Writing Pencils, 24 count

    1   pk. Red Pens

    1   box of Map Pencils, 12 count

    4   big erasers (pink or white)

    5   big glue sticks

    1   pair of scissors

    4   pks. of Wide Ruled loose leaf paper

    3   large boxes of tissues

    1   large container of Hand Sanitizer

    1   school box for supplies

    3   boxes of wet wipes

    2   pks. of Manila Art Paper

    1   pk. of assorted colored Computer Paper (found next to white computer   


    1   pk. of white Computer Paper

    2   rolls of paper towels

    1   pk. of pencil top erasers

    2   pks. of index cards (4x6)

    1   Box Ziploc Bags – Gallon Size

    1   Box Ziploc Bags – Sandwich size

    6   marble composition notebooks

    2   boxes of washable Crayola markers

    6   pocket folders with brads (1 purple, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green,

         1 orange, 1 red)

    1   bottle of glue

    1   pair of basic earbuds or headphones ($10 or less)

    1   pk. of expo markers (5 count, large)

    1   pk. of expo markers (2 count, skinny)

    1   pk. of sharpies (2 count)

    4   pk. Post-it notes

    1   ruler (cm and inches)

    1   notebook with Grid Paper 


    2016-2017 Uniform Shirt for 3rd Grade


                 Hunter Green

    Students must wear their assigned color for their grade level! 

     Uniforms are mandatory. 


    Pre-K: Navy Blue

    3rd: Hunter Green

    Kinder: Gold

    4th: Light Blue

    1st: Royal Blue

    5th: Maroon

    2nd: Red


     Shirts must be tucked; they can have one pocket, but must not have logos of any type except the school logo.    Shirts must not have stripes, patterns, designs, letters, and etcetera.  Sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps are not allowed.

     Pants, skirts, uniform jumpers, and shorts:  navy or khaki color must be worn at a natural waistline. No baggy shorts and pants.  No logos, stripes, patterns, designs, writing, pictures, etc. Only top front and top back pockets are allowed.  No side or bottom pockets.  No chains  on  pants  or  any  other  clothing,  back  packs,  or  purses.  Capri and ankle pants are allowed.

     No blue jeans. Skirts, uniform jumpers, and shorts must be knee length.

    All clothing above must be comfortable, not tight nor revealing.