Reasoning Mind is an education nonprofit with a mission to provide a first-rate math education for every child. The organization designs interactive, online blended learning programs for mathematics that develop students’ higher-order thinking skills, ignite their interest in math, and prepare them for advanced courses like algebra—the “gatekeeper” to college. In addition, Reasoning Mind offers ongoing professional development, training, and in-person support for teachers and administrators using its programs. With Reasoning Mind, students are engaged, teachers are empowered, and technology is leveraged to provide a world-class mathematics education.
    WHY MATH?icon

    Mathematics is important to students’ academic and professional lives—but it goes beyond that. Math develops students’ ability to reason logically, to solve problems, to separate fact from fiction, and to distill ideas to their real essence. Our name is Reasoning Mind because we believe that math education is about the value and beauty of thought. That’s why we love math, and why we work hard to share this love with others.

    Mitchell Elementary is proud to implement this program to help build our math skills for the 2016-2017 school year. 
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  • Why do we use it?

    Reasoning Mind was awarded a contract from the state of Texas to serve at-risk students at no cost to the schools. To measure our success, we evaluated the performance of 4th graders in those districts.

    Students in the schools that used a Reasoning Mind program grew significantly more than the average Texas student on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), despite being at risk. The percentage of students who passed the STAAR in these schools increased by an average of 8 percentage points, while passing rates in the state were flat.

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