Becoming a Student Observer in HISD

  • Thank you for your interest in conducting the observation hours required by your Educator Preparation Program in Houston ISD.  Follow the instructions below to initiate a student observer criminal background check before reporting to an HISD campus. The process can take up to two weeks from submission to final approval. 

    REQUIRED: A signed approval form from either an ACP, college, or university program stating the need to complete observation hours or field experience is required. 

    *Failure to upload the required form will eliminate the application from consideration.

    Phase 1: Complete the online application
    • Log in to the account

    • Under 'Vacancy Desired' click 'In Category:' 

    • Select 'Student Observer'

    • Click 'Search'

    • Select 'JobID: 105715 Student Observer 2022-2023'

    • Upload the required program observation or field experience approval in the 'Supplemental Document' section

    • Click 'Finish and Submit'

    *If a student observer has previously created an account with HISD, the same account should be used to apply for student observations.

    Phase 2: Criminal Background Check 
    • The background check can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

    Phase 3: Approval
    •  A status communication will be sent from

    • The email confirmation should be provided by the student observer to the campus staff as proof of district approval.

    Phase 4: Find a Campus
    •  Upon approval, student observers may contact any HISD campus to complete observations.  

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