Do Life-Changing Work While Living the Life You Want

  • Houston ISD is changing the game for educators with higher salaries, exceptional benefits, professional development opportunities, and improved work-life harmony.

    Higher Salaries
    The starting salary for teachers at HISD is $64,000, higher than many school districts in the country. More experienced educators, those who are SPED-certified, and teachers at our New Education System (NES) Schools can earn even more. Here, we invest in you because you invest in the future of our students.

    Exceptional Benefits
    HISD offers a comprehensive and affordable benefits package for employees and their families. Our goal is to give them the tools to navigate life's challenges, so they can be fully present for students physically and mentally. Plus, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers access to mental health and counseling services, legal aid, and more, providing additional support to our educators and their families.

    Professional Development
    In HISD, we prioritize empowering educators by removing barriers and providing consistent coaching and real-time feedback to foster teaching excellence. They can also join our Leadership Academy for the opportunity to grow in their career and enter new roles as Teacher Leaders, Assistant Principals, and Principals.

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