Employee Services

  • HR Employee Services Department answers payroll inquiries. During your staffing session you’ve provided documentation for your direct deposit, normally a voided check from your bank. Your first and possibly your second paychecks will be mail to your current address in the HISD system. It normally takes up to 2 pay periods for your direct deposit to take effect. 
    Getting Paid
    • All HISD employees are paid biweekly over 26 pay periods per year. 
    • Each pay period begins on a Monday and ends on Sunday.
    • Paychecks are issued on Wednesday, 10 days following the close of the pay period.
    • All employees are paid through direct deposit (money card or desired banking institution)
    • Attend our New Employee Orientation 
    Resources Details
    Biweekly payroll calendar Payday in HISD is every other Wednesday. Use this calendar to determine when you’ll be paid for each pay period.
    Salary schedule For many positions at HISD, an employee's initial pay rate depends on an evaluation of certain educational credentials. If you are not sure which salary schedule applies to your position, you may discuss this with your HISD Human Resources Business Partner.
    Duty schedule Be sure to refer to your duty schedule for your location to check for holidays, non-work days, etc.
    OneSource Update personal information, view your paychecks, leave balances, update direct deposit and update W-4 and view W-2. Log in requierd
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    Employee Services
    4400 W. 18th St
    Houston, TX 77092
    Phone: 713-556-7400
    Monday - Friday
    8:00am - 5:00 pm