• Jefferson Elementary Overview

    Thomas Jefferson is located at 5000 Sharman, close to the I-45 North and Cavalcade intersection. Jefferson is a one-story building retaining much of its original 1950’s design. It also has 12 temporary buildings on campus.The school serves Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grades, with a student body totaling 489. The students enrolled reflect the following ethnic backgrounds:
    • Hispanic 90.8%
    • African American 8%
    • Caucasian 1%
    • American Indian/Alaskan .2%
    Of the total school population, 96% are identified as economically disadvantaged. The school mobility rate is 19.6%. The LEP population is 45%. 8% of the school’s population is enrolled in Special Education. The Gifted and Talented population is identified at 5.8%. The at-risk population is 78.3%. Jefferson is a Title I school-wide campus.There are 24 classroom teachers, 3 ancillary teachers, 1 Special Education Resource teacher, 1 Life Skills teacher, 1 SLC teacher, 1 PALS teacher, 1 Instructional Coordinator, 1 Reading and Intervention Teacher, 4 Teacher Assistants, 1 Speech Therapist, 2 full time clerks, 1 School Secretary.Jefferson has a Computer Labs  for all students in all grade levels.