Internet Safety Rules

  • Remember these Internet Safety Rules:

    • When you use the Internet, always get permission first and have an adult there to help you.
    • Never give personal information on the Internet without an adult's permission. Your name, your age, phone number, where you live, and pictures are personal information. Don't share your password.
    • Don't talk to strangers on the Internet. Tell an adult if someone tries to get information from you. Don't click on ads on a website. 
    • Show good computer manners. Keep your hands clean, treat the computer gently, don't say anything mean or hurtful about someone.

    Internet Safety Videos

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    internet safety             online safety             digital etiquette    

         Internet Safety  Grade 2                            Online Safety Grades 2 - 5                       Digital Etiquette Grades 2 - 5 



                                   cyber  bullying             Social Media                         

                                       Cyber Bullying Grades 2-5                             Social Media    Grades 2-5    




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