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    Revere is a very special school, it's one of the most diverse schools in the Houston Independent School District. Our school mission revolves around accepting diversity! We have used sports to connect our students, and we have committed ourselves to help all student athletes become successful on the playing field as well as in the classroom.
    We are seeking funds for many of our teams. We are setting a solid foundation from which we can build and grow. Our goal is to provide a positive and safe learning enviroment that will allow athletes to learn how to collaborate with each other in attempt to reach a common goal. We also want to equip athletes with fundamentals needed to continue playing in high school, college, and beyond. Perhaps even enourage them to pass on the knowledge obtained to their families and their community. 
    If you are interested in helping our athletic program or if you are interested in helping a specific team please contact our athletic director at via email or phone. 
    Coach Logan Williams - Athletic Director 
    Office: (713)917-3500 ext:060270
    Please make all letters and checks out to Paul Revere Athletic Department if you wish your donation be used for a specific team please indicate the team name on the memo. 
    We accept cash, check, cashier check, money orders, and item donations. 
    Thank you for helping us impact the lives of our student athletes!