Magnet Art Teachers

  • Magnet Art Teachers

    Christina Briscoe 


    Phone: (713) 434-5600

    Christina Briscoe is an art instructor at Audrey H. Lawson Middle School in Houston, Texas. Ms. Briscoe is passionate about art education and understands the importance of real-world connections. She believes that the creative process is not only a fundamental part of creativity but, is also the building blocks of critical thinking and self-discovery. In addition to teaching to art, she is an advocate for social and emotional learning (SEL) and incorporates many SEL subject matters in her engaging art lessons. Her collaborations with SEL campus leaders have achieved Lawson Middle School as a “No Place for Hate” designation.

    In 2019 she was awarded the “Principal’s Award” and has been nominated Teacher of the Year for two consecutive years. Ms. Briscoe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education (All-level) from the Houston Baptist University with nearly 15 years of experience sharing her love of art.

    Jocelyn Stephens


    Phone: (713) 434-5600

    Jocelyn Stephens currently serves a community of 6th grade scholars at Audrey H. Lawson Middle School in Houston, Texas. She joined the art education field in Fall 2017 with a desire to instill creative confidence in youth that will remain prevalent well into their adult years. Art education is a fond memory of her primary and secondary years of education. She discovered her gift for drawing at the age of 14 and found it imperative to continue developing her creativity ever since. 

    Over the years she has explored the realms of drawing, photography, graphic design and painting, but these days mainly favors creating digital or hand drawn artworks. She strives to model creative persistence and a diverse skillset with the belief that every scholar harnesses their own unique form of expression. 

    • Art classes expand on the students foundation in understanding and skills in the visual arts in an exploratory manner consistent with the middle school philosophy. Through the Middle School Visual Arts Curriculum, students: 

      • Develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind through artistic practices.
      • Apply design literacy to a wide variety of traditional and new media.
      • Acquire increasing complex procedural knowledge, skill and craftsmanship in art making while exploring an expanded range of media.
      • Develop more sophisticated aesthetic judgment that supports the making and understanding of rich meaning in art.
      • Explore a wide range of notions about the meaning and purpose of visual art.
      • Form a broader knowledge and understanding of our rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage through art.