Visual Arts

  • The Visual Arts Department views every student as an emerging artist. The Art Curriculum is designed to give art teachers the freedom to deliver visual arts curriculum in a personalized manner, while ensuring all students throughout the district are experiencing the learning of similar information.  Art is important to the development of the whole child. Most of us recognize the importance of art in stimulating imagination and self-expression, but art has a significant role, as well, in developing critical thinking, self-discipline and cultural awareness. Our young artists develop abilities and habits of mind that complement their learning across the curriculum. We strive to encourage the artist in every child to help children to see, to understand and to appreciate the importance of creativity in our civilization.  They communicate ideas, using all available tools, analyze and respond to others' creative efforts as well as create, revise and reflect on their work to solve aesthetic problems while learning patience and resilience.

Framework for Visual Arts Instruction

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