• Certification

Out-of-State Candidates

  • Educators seeking certification in Texas must apply for a review of credentials to begin the process.
    Review of Credential Instructions
    Important Note for Educators with Student Services or Administration Certification: If you hold a stand-alone certificate in student services or administration, but do not hold a classroom teaching certificate, you will need to submit documentation of two years of acceptable school experience in the area of you certificate. Acceptable documentation should be sent in the form of an official school service record.
    One-Year Certificate Issuance
    Educators who have completed the review of credentials and are found to be eligible may be issued a one-year certificate. During the one year period of this nonrenewable certificate, the educator must complete all appropriate tests.
    Standard Certificate Issuance
    Once all Texas test requirements are completed, educators may apply online for a 5-year Standard Certificate to become a certified teacher in Texas.
    How to apply 
    • Log in to your TEAL account, click on “Educator” to access the Educator Certification Online System.
    • Click “Continue” to proceed to the Educator Main Menu. 
    • Click "Applications."
    • Click "Out-of-State Certified Applicants." This will direct you to the “Educator Out-of-State Certification Menu."
    • Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to the "Application for Certified Out-of-State Applicants." 
    • Complete the questions on the Applicant’s Affidavit.
    • Continue to "Educator Out-of-State Application for Certificate” screen and scroll to the bottom of this page.
    • Click on the box for a "Standard Certificate-$78," and follow the prompts to complete the process and pay the fee online at the end.
    OPTION 2
    Out-of-State Test Exemption

    Individuals interested in seeking an exemption from required Texas examinations must submit:

    • Service record completed by the employing school, verifying required years of experience:
      • Classroom teachers: 1 academic year of verifiable, wage-earning, full-time experience as a classroom teacher
      • Administrator and student service certificates: 2 academic years of verifiable, wage-earning, full-time experience in the certificate area.
      • Service record for test exemptions (PDF)
    If you have question regarding the certification process in Texas, click here to visit the TEA website. 
    If you have questions regarding HISD certification process, contact Certification at certification@houstonisd.org or call 713-556-7300.