• The Role of School Social Workers:


    School social workers are an invaluable link between the student, family, school and community.


     We are “trained mental health professionals who are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health crises and needs as well as provide support to administration and staff when school crises occur,” according to NASW.


    Although our primary customer is the student, we also work to help link students and their families to school and community resources in order to promote student success.


    Your School Social Worker is a licensed mental health professional who works in conjunction with the school staff, administration, and the school district to help eliminate barriers that prevent a student from being academically successful. The role of the school social worker on this team is unique, however, and should never be confused with the roles of the other professionals because of the specialized skills that we bring to the team including but not limited to:


    • Resource linkage and development
    • Preparation of specialized student reports such as the bio-psychosocial assessment
    • Expert guidance in the area of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
    • Truancy prevention and intervention services
    • Individual counseling and crisis intervention
    • Home visits to speak with family members to address student concerns
    • Group therapy
    • Expert training and guidance in the area of cultural competency and cultural awareness

    More specifically, your school social worker can help with...  


      Helping to resolve disputes among peers
      Intervention with students and staff with concerns related to personal health and safety, school concerns, and/or family concerns
      Individual or small group counseling to support student needs
      Problem solving, pro social skills, bullying, online presence and safety, stress management, coping skills
      Assist students and families with connecting with community resources including but not limited to: DFPS, health care, private counseling, assistance, and support groups
      Assisting new/incoming students with becoming familiar with the culture and community at school; support students struggling to attend class
       Assist Attendance Office with locating students and assisting families with resources to avoid truancy
      Educating and promoting changes or considerations that will encourage equitable student access, opportunity, and education

      School Social Work Services


      School Social Work services are provided by a licensed Social Worker who is employed by the Houston Independent School District. Licensed School Social Workers are licensed under the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and possess a master’s degree. The School Social Worker at West Briar Middle School is Madison S. Taylor, LMSW.


                      Email: madison.taylor@houstonisd.org

                      Phone: (281) 368-2140


      Services provided by licensed school Social Workers are not intended to replace the services provided by Licensed Clinical Counselors/Therapists. School services are designed to assist students with behavioral, social, emotional, and family/community needs. The format may be either small group or individual sessions.