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    All West Briar Middle School athletes must complete a Athletic Physical Packet in order to participate in competitive sports. Packets are available from our coaches or may be downloaded. 

    The Athletic Physical packet include the following forms: You may download the forms below


    All athletes must be insured to participate in any athletic activity! HISD offers Student Accident/Athletic Insurance at a reduced cost of $35.00 per athlete, per school year. You must make one of three choices with regard to student insurance:


    1. You have insurance and waive HISD insurance; complete your insurance information and check “HISD Waiver” box on the Medial Information Form. You must turn in a copy of your insurance card and fill out a waiver and return it to your coach;
    2. You have insurance and want HISD insurance to act as secondary coverage; pay $35, complete your insurance information and check the “School Insurance” box; or
    3. You do not have insurance; pay $35 and check the “School Insurance” box.

    If you are purchasing HISD insurance, please include cash or money order (payable to West Briar Middle Athletics) with your packet forms.

    * If you elect to waive HISD insurance, please ask your head coach for a waiver form. This is required by HISD and must be notarized.


    West Briar Middle School offers a wide variety of athletic programs for both Boys and Girls. Please visit their individual web pages for information and schedules.