• Power Up

    West Briar MS becomes a Power Up campus in the 2022-2023 school year.  This is a 1-1 device program that means that all West Briar students will be loaned a district-owned Chromebook to use during the school year.  Power Up is a districtwide initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning. PowerUp is about "powering up" our campus to create a personalized learning environment for today's 21st-century learners and to enable teachers to more effectively facilitate instruction, manage curriculum, collaborate with their peers, and engage today's digitally wired students.  This program will include two main drivers:  Technology & Canvas


    To check-out a laptop, students must complete the tasks below found on the PowerUp Steps page (at left):

    • HISD Laptop Loan Agreement 
    • HISD Electronic Devices Acceptable Use Policy
    • Digital Safety Lesson (initial)
    • Pay Power Up Loaner $25 Fee

    Reach out to either of West Briar's Power Up staff members for assistance:


  • A key component of HISD's Power Up Initiative is ensuring students and the school community have equitable access to technology.  In addition to receiving their Chromebooks, students will receive monthly digital safety lessons and be able to receive tech assistance throughout the school year.  A User Device Technician (UDT/campus tech) and an Campus Instructional Technologist (CIT) have been added to the West Briar staff to serve parents, students, and teachers.

    Power Up:  Safe Online Behavior

    HISD Cybersafety Page (includes cyberbullying, safe gaming, plagiarism, etc.)

    WBMS Online Safety Page

    HISD Academic Instructional Technology Page



Canvas LMS
  • Canvas is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that will take the place of the HUB.  Educators can create and present online learning materials to engage students in courses and by giving feedback about skill development and learning achievement.  Parents will also be able to view a teacher's Canvas page to stay abreast of student learning and course content.  There is a mobile app that students and parents will be able to download.

    Canvas...coming to HISD Video

    More information about Canvas for parents can be found here:  Canvas Parent Page (Info on this page is Coming Soon)

    More information about Canvas for students can be found here:  Canvas Student Page (Info on this page Coming Soon)