West Briar Dance Company

  • The Dance Department is establishing a new dance company comprised of two dance programs together:  Kinetic Dance Company and Honey Bears Drill Team, creating one advanced dance program the West Briar Dance Company for next school year. The focus of this dance company will be on dance education as a performing art. Ms. Demy and Ms. R will both codirect the program together. 


    West Briar Dance Company will be the advance performing arts dance ensemble focusing on the improvement of variety of dance forms techniques, composition skills, stressing concert - stage performances skills. The company will perform throughout the year at various campus and community events, HISD dance festivals and competitions. The dance styles varies every year and is chosen by directors to suit the ability and dance technique level of the current company such as: contemporary, ballet, fusion (hip hop), jazz, musical theatre, etc, fostering dance composition (student choreography). Dance Company will move at a faster pace and includes a lot more advanced technique and movement skills than other beginning/intermediate dance classes offered at West Briar. Dance Company is looking for students with prior studio experience and those who don’t necessarily have studio experience, but are naturally talented, passionate about dance and willing to work hard to develop their virtuosity.