• Principal’s Message

    It is always a fantastic year to be a West Briar Grizzly!  After returning to in-person learning, I feel both blessed and driven to begin the 2022-2023 school year as West Briar’s Principal.  We are embarking (together) upon our first full school year of in-person-only learning and we are ready!  Prior to coming to West Briar, l served Westside HS, where my deep appreciation and love for this incredibly diverse community of scholars and parents began.  At West Briar MS, we  (leaders, teachers, staff, students) aim to model and demonstrate #GrizzlyValues in all that we do.  Staff members re-commit to West Briar's mission at the start of each school year and this year (2022-2023) we are powering up to challenge our learning community to raise the level of student's instructional learning experience.

    Our Mission Statement: 

    West Briar Middle School exists to create a dynamic learning environment with high expectations that challenge all students. 

    Instilling clarity of high expectations will be at the forefront of student’s return to campus for the 2022-2023 school year.  School-wide expectations for behavior, learning, and respecting one another will be posted and continuously reflected upon.   While our school environment has been unusual and chaotic for one and a half years, it is imperative that West Briar provides a sense of safety through consistent academic standards and clear expectations.   Students and teachers will take the positives gained from the last school year and utilize technology and small group instruction to meet academic goals for all students, no matter their need for intervention.  We will also seek student input in making school-wide decisions as we strive to include them as valuable stakeholders in their own learning process.

    We provide guidance and support to ensure individual success. 

    Amid the COVID-19 interruptions in student learning, West Briar recognizes the necessity of emphasizing and supporting student’s social-emotional well-being.  Teachers, School Counselors, Deans, and staff will check-in regularly with students to ensure all needs are being met and intervene with professional support, when necessary.  Our campus West Briar support staff (Social Worker, Wraparound Specialist, and School Counselors) will also be utilized to ensure all students have equal opportunities for success.


    • Integrity- West Briar maintains high expectations for all learners and works rigorously to meet the needs of all students.
    • Respect- There is a mutual respect and kindness between students, parents, and West Briar staff members and West Briar students will respect themselves.  Honoring a former West Briar student’s legacy, we will uphold #RAK (random acts of kindness).
    • Perseverance- No matter how difficult it gets, the West Briar community will pull together and meet opportunities with a growth mindset.  Grizzlies have GRIT.

    West Briar's dedication to #GrizzlyValues is also reflected in our 2021-2022 TEA Accountability ratings- "B" Campus and earned highly coveted Designated Distinctions in:

    • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
    • Academic Achievement in Science
    • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
    • Top 25 Percent:  Comparative Academic Growth
    • Postsecondary Readiness 


    Lea Mishlan, Ed.D.


    Grizzly Values