• "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

    Frederick Douglass

    Abolitionist and Author 

    Why Language Arts matter? - Ms. Baldwin's ELA & SS Classes

    Hartman ELA and Reading

    The English Language Arts curriculum provides students with the foundation to become literate graduates
    who are critical thinkers, global citizens, and innovative problem-solvers.

    ELAR Principles

    Hartman genuinely believes that...

    • EVERY teacher fosters literacy by incorporating reading, writing, speaking, and listening within your discipline.
    • Developing literacy-rich content area instruction supports students’ growth in knowledge and literacy practices.
    • The gradual release of responsibility holds students accountable for their learning as they transfer their knowledge across disciplines.
    • Families and community engagement are essential to building a culture of literacy that transcends school walls        and promotes lifelong learning.
    • The classroom environment promotes a culture of literacy that is emphasized, supported, observable,                       and expected.
    • Professional staff receive high-quality professional learning and access to support systems that promote           personal growth in literacy instruction.
    • Choice fuels engagement and that self-selection of text is fundamental to literacy growth.