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    I believe there is no more noble profession than teaching, and none more essential. My career as an educator for 24 years with Team HISD has molded me to the best I can be.  A Bachelor of Business Administration from the best HBCU Texas Southern University and a TSU Tiger Cheerleader are my greatest aspirations. I know that my students learn best when new ideas are connected to what they already know and have experienced; when they are actively engaged in applying and testing their knowledge using real-world experiences. Students learning is organized around clear, high goals with lots of practice in reaching them and when they can use their own interests, talents, and strengths as springboards for learning. Let's keep our eyes, and theirs, on the prize of excellence....then everyone wins!
    Teaching is, after all, the profession on which all others depend.
    Our Motto: "Today's Students - Tomorrow's Business Professionals"
    "All Children Can Learn"
    Mrs. Felicia K. Bovell