• Wonderful Words Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 12/7/2011
    'Twas weeks before Christmas
    And all through the school
    The students were working
    And acting real cool 
    But down in the library 
    There arose such a ruckus 
     The students all came
    To see what the fuss was
    With the long winter break
    The Librarian thought
    Students' reading might suffer
    So a solution she sought
    Just for the holiday
    She would allow
    Some extra books for each student
    With clear records now
    All the students were happy
    Their teachers were too
    Because reading is the BEST gift
    I believe it, do you?
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  • Real Men Read

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 11/18/2011
    What a great day it was!  Students in grades 2 and 5 had MENtors who came and read some interesting books with them!  And best of all afterwards, the students each got their own copy of the book!  How awesome is that? 
    The Mentors were very complimentary of our students' polite behavior.  The classroom greeters came to pick up their MENtors at the hospitality room and escort them to the classroom.  Students in the room were well-behaved and engaged in the reading asking and answering questions.  So ask any second grade student about reptiles and they will probably tell you all about the two-headed snake!  Fifth grade students read about spiders--ask them for some interesting facts!  
    Our December Real Men Read is fiction and I know everyone will enjoy those books as well!
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  • Pico the Woodpecker Talks Turkey

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 11/16/2011
    Wonderful Words Wednesday found Pico the Woodpecker talking turkey with the students.  They decided that turkey had not come because he was hiding--afraid of being eaten!  So the students helped Pico say his poem:
    Oh a turkey Tom and a turkey Mom
    Say gobble, gobble, gobble all the day 
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  • Wonderful Words Wednesday

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 10/26/2011 11:00:00 AM
    This morning I dressed the part with my wizard robe and hat. 
    I recited my latest version of my original poem "How to Find a Scary Book"! 
    I hope you enjoyed it!
    Where are the Scary Books?
    I'm asked most every day. 
    The Library shelves hold many such. 
     To find one, here's the way. 
    Use the online catalog 
    To search the Coop collection. 
    Creepy books may be found 
    In nearly every section!  
    Perform yourself a keyword search,  
    Now don't begin to rave! 
    Title and call number you will need  
    To find the books you crave! 
    If you should need some help with this,
    Your teacher may provide, 
    Or come into the Library.  
    You will not be denied.   
    Finding the books you so desire
    Is really very easy.  
    There's nothing that should frighten you 
    Nor even make you queasy.  
    So come into the Library.   
    The Books are waiting there. 
    So many that you've never read. 
    Come and get them----If you dare!
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  • Wonderful Words Wednesday

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 10/19/2011
    The poem this morning was "The Bat" from Skeleton Bones & Goblin Groans: Poems for Halloween by Amy E. Sklansky.  Hope you enjoyed it! 
    So much is happening in the library this week! 
    • We are assembling the invitations for the SPARK Park dedication on November 14!  
    • Third Graders are learning how to do catalog subject searches. 
    • Second grade is learning about Easy Book Call numbers and helping to re-shelve those books in the Easy Section. 
    • Kinder students are having story time with the story, Mouse's First Halloween  by Lauren Thompson.  They are retelling the story using finger puppets and props!
    • And remember that because Thursday and Friday are Field Days, the Library will be closed to circulation on those days! 
     Busy, busy, busy!

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  • Millionaire Day!

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 9/30/2011
    What a great day!  Coop had 176 students in the Millionaire Club this year!  Each of them received a Millionaire decal, a ticket voucher for a Rockets game and a Coop Millionaire Club 2011 green bracelet!  They were recognized at Rise and Shine this morning and had their pictures taken with our "Big Buck" prop.  Those pictures and names went on a special display outside the library so that everyone could see!  All day long students were waving at me to show off their green bracelets and many student wore the club t-shirts they got 2 years ago!  Way to go Coop Readers!
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  • Today has been a good day!

    Posted by Marsha Whitmore on 9/28/2011 1:50:00 PM
    It has been a very busy day!  Not only is circulation back in full swing, we are finishing our thank you cards for the troops, getting ready for Millionaire day on Friday, and today we also held a special research class for Ms Maddox's third graders!
    They are studying hurricanes, so today, we created data sheets, reviewed how to find books using the library catalog and checked out books on hurricanes.  We also learned what needs to go in a bibliography entry and found out that Nettrekker found numerous informational and interactive web sites for us!  We can't wait for next week's session!
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