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  • Through the Department of Human Capital Accountability, Houston Independent School District (HISD) works to create a continuous learning environment and build a high-performing, accountable workforce that elevates the District and enables all who teach and work at HISD to achieve more so that students in our district graduate college and career ready.

    HISD promotes a culture of individual and department-level accountability for high performance standards. We help departments set goals that align with overall district objectives, collect employee appraisal data, and provide information about personnel-related policies & procedures. Ultimately, HISD works to become employer of choice that attracts and maintains the most highly qualified personnel available to support our students and our community.

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  • Houston Independent School District
    Department of Human Capital Accountability
    4400 West 18th Street
    Houston, Texas 77092
    Tonnis Hilliard, Officer, Human Capital
    Telephone: 713-556-7333
    Fax: 713-556-7339