• Kate Bell Basketball  
    Basketball Team practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 
    The Kate Bell Basketball Team is a program targeting 3rd - 5th grade students attending Kate Bell Elementary. In order for students to participate in this program, they must complete a process which includes sign-up, try-outs, and a selection. Once the students are selected they will be required to attend practices where they will prepare to compete in a season long competition.
    The team's primary objective is to provide exercise and physical development as well as promote leadership, team work, self confidence and the value of fair play.
    -          To teach the rules and regulation of competitive play
    -          To teach importance of team work

    -          To teach /practice shooting skills (lay-up, jump shot)

    -          To teach /practice defensive skills (zone, man to man)
    -          To teach /practice offensive plays.

    -          To teach /practice defensive plays.