• Mission
    The mission of Southmayd Elementary School is to provide opportunities which challenge, support, and encourage successful learning for all students.
    Our vision is to develop confident students who are motivated to grow as lifelong learners with strong academic skills, inquisitive attitudes, keen social intelligence, and critical and creative thinking abilities.

    We at Southmayd believe that:
    • All children can and will learn.
    • All children benefit from developmentally appropriate materials, practices, and strategies.
    • Children learn best in a safe and caring environment, one that values diversity, collaboration, and risk-taking.
    • Children thrive when expectations are set high.
    • All children deserve a quality education in which individual needs are met, exceeded, and supported.
    • An effective learning process encourages children to use critical and creative thinking skills for solving problems.
    • A supportive, nurturing, and accepting environment must celebrate students' strengths, successes, an achievements.
    • Modeling respect and understanding of individual differences is essential for a conducive learning environment.
    • Actively engaging parents in a meaningful and cooperative partnership supports our child's education.
    • Everyone is responsible for their own actions and words.