School Profile

  • District and school profiles provide summary information regarding student performance and outcomes, demographics, and school programs for each HISD school covering the last five years.  These profiles are divided by instructional level: elementary, middle, high, combined, and charter schools.  Within each instructional level is an alphabetical list of schools available at that level. To view district profiles, please visit the Research & Accountability website.
    Profiles for the previous year are updated annually in September. Profiles contain the following information:
    • Student information (gender, ethnicity, honors classes, free/reduced lunch, limited English, and by program)
    • Teacher and staff information (gender, ethnicity, experience levels, by academic program, advanced degrees, and attendance rates)
    • Student outcomes (attendance rate, dropout rate, completion rate, graduate count, Texas Scholars, and disciplinary actions
    • School-based programs (e.g. Special Education, Advanced Academics, School-based programs, Multilingual, Career & Technology Education)
    • Testing (STAAR and SAT schoolwide, STAAR and SAT for Magnet students)
    • College Bound (PSAT, SAT-1, ACT)