• Paul Revere Middle School opened in January, 1980. The school has maintained a tradition of excellence since its founding.

    The faculty and staff at Revere are committed to preparing students for the dynamic world that we live in. Every student at Revere has a dean and a team of teachers who are dedicated to insuring that the student achieves success and grows as an individual. Teachers at Revere confer and plan together daily to develop an educational plan for the students that promotes engagement, alignment and rigor. Revere Middle School students consistently score above the district and state averages on the TAKS tests. Revere ranks among the top HISD middle schools in all academic areas, and earned Recognized status from the Texas Education Agency in 2009 through 2011 without the use of the Texas Projection Measure.

  • Year after year, Revere Middle School has been honored for the quality of its academic programs by being named a Texas Mentor School, an Annenberg Lamplighter School, and a Just For Kids school. Revere teachers have been selected for numerous awards as well, including finalist for HISD Regular Education Teacher of the Year, finalist for HISD Intern of the Year, and West District Special Education Teacher of the Year. The Revere tradition of academic and teaching excellence has continued unabated since its beginning. Revere is often selected as a learning center for aspiring teachers who want to observe master teachers at work.

    Revere is also the site of one of the premier STEM Magnet school-within-a-school programs in HISD. The magnet school offers advanced work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, along with an outstanding selection of math/science electives. Revere math and science teachers are recognized as among the best in the district. Our extensive Fine Arts, Athletic and College-bound AVID programs round out Revere's choices for our students.

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    The diversity of the Revere faculty and student body is its strength. Our faculty and students come from many backgrounds, neighborhoods and countries representing a United Nations of cultures. Revere students graduate with a strong understanding of different cultures, languages, and customs. They develop a sophisticated ability to meet the global challenges that face the world, with a sensitivity that students in a more insulated environment sometimes do not possess. Revere students emerge with the leadership skills that they will need to navigate the world of tomorrow.