• Students of Bastian Elementary are expected to comply with our uniform dress code daily.
    The following attire is to be worn:
    Shirts: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, or Gold Polo-styled shirts
    Pants/Shorts: Navy Blue or Khaki
    All bottoms are to be worn at waist level (Belts are strongly recommended)
     Shoes: Tennis shoes or rubber sole shoes worn with socks
    Shirt/Blouse: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, or Gold Polo-styled shirts. A White blouse may be worn with the Navy Jumper.
    Pants/Skirts/Skorts/Jumper: Navy Blue or Khaki
    All shorts must be appropriate length 
    Shoes: Tennis shoes or rubber sole shoes worn with socks
    FLIP-FLOPS or open-toe shoes can be worn, but must have a heel strap
    • All students' appearance is to be clean and properly groomed in a neat manner. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.
    • All children are to wear appropriate shoes to school. If sandals or heels are worn, the child must bring sturdy, low heel shoes and socks for physical education classes.
    • Mid-driffs, cut-off tops, halters, mesh skirts, tank tops, and shirts with advertising slogans (i.e. alcohol, drugs, and tobacco) as well as shirts with sexual double meanings are not permitted.
    • Students are permitted to wear shorts that are no more than two inches above the knee. Biking shorts, hot pants, and short-shorts, are NOT permitted.
    • If a child wears inappropriate clothing to school, he/she will be sent to the office to speak with the nurse, instructional coordinator, CIS project manager, or the principal, after which the parent/guardian will be called.
    • Cosmetic products will not be permitted (including make-up done outside of school) and are not to be brought to school. 
    • Any garment or style that is considered to be a disruption to the classroom will not be permitted.  Any decisions, in regards to the appropriateness of a garment or style will be determined by an administrative staff member.