Ed White Elementary continues to implement a dress code policy. This policy was developed in 1994 by a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators, based on the belief that a uniform policy of dress...  

    Dress Code:


    1. Uniform style, khaki or dark blue pants, uniform shorts, dress, or skirt. (No Jeans allowed.)
    2. Polo collared shirt, with no writing or symbols, of any solid color.
    3. Ed White colored Field Day shirts may be worn on Fridays.
    4. Navy blue or khaki uniform shorts are permitted.
    5. Girls may wear leggings/tights with a dress or skirt. Leggings/tights need to be worn underneath the skirt.
    6. Wear dress shoes or tennis shoes at all times.


    Dress code will be enforced. Parents will be contacted for parent conference and possible disciplinary action for consistent violation.


    Students who do not follow dress code will be sent to the office. Parents may be charged a uniform rental fee if students are out of dress code.


    **Parents can purchase uniform shirt from Ed White PTO. 

    PTO email:  ptoedwhiteelementary19@gmail.com

    PTO website: https://www.facebook.com/PTO-Ed-White-Elementary-104491091450999/



    *** Parents who need uniform assistance can contact Ed White Social Worker or Wraparound Specialist for resources.


    Ed White Social Worker: Ms. Lasprilla  renee.lasprilla@houstonisd.org

    Ed White Wraparound Specialist:

    Ms. Hernandez jessica.hernandezhernandez@houstonisd.org