Mrs. Walton

    Mrs. Walton

    Third Grade
    Conference Period: 10:40-11:25
    Phone: 713-726 - 3634

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

                I want to tell you a little bit about myself! My name is Allie Walton, but some of you may remember me as Allie McIntyre. This was an exciting summer for me, as I got to celebrate my second wedding anniversary. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Louisiana State University, but am originally from Houston. I attended Wilchester Elementary School when I was in 3rd grade.

    My first year teaching was in Pasadena ISD, where I earned the New Teacher of the Year award at Gardens Elementary School. After teaching in Pasadena ISD, I moved closer to home and taught second grade at Parker Elementary School. A few years ago, I returned to Parker Elementary after working in the Professional Support and Development department in HISD. I was an English Language Arts 3rd through 5th grade Teacher Development Specialist. I truly have the greatest job on earth and am so blessed to be back at my home! The Parker community is so close to my heart and I truly love my students, colleagues, and parents!

    Last year was an extremely successful year for our third graders. Do not worry your child is in good hands! I will teach them and love them as if they were my own. We will have an amazing year! Your child also has an incredible math and science teacher (Ms. Campbell)! J

    One of my goals this year is to build a strong, solid foundation in your child’s educational future. I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you and your support at home is much appreciated. This year, your child will be in a departmentalized classroom, which means your child will switch classes between my classroom and Ms. Campbell’s. I will be working with your child in Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Spelling, and Social Studies. Ms. Campbell will be working with your child in Mathematics and Science. We make a great team! 
                I believe that we, in the elementary grades, lay the foundation upon which all future learning is based. We are about to embark upon an exciting adventure! Over the next year, you should see your child’s reading skills “blossom.” Your child will also have opportunities to use higher-order thinking strategies, improve their writing skills and knowledge of grammar, as well as explore social studies. I also hope that your child will learn more about themselves and grow as an individual.  
                All children learn differently and I plan to use an array of instructional strategies to best meet the needs of your child and all the other children in my class. Children learn best when they are actively engaged, so I do this partly through my classroom work stations. Implementing workstations in the classroom promotes independence, helps students become more responsible, and allows students to learn through self-discovery. These smaller groups will help target specific academic skills, modify and enrich curriculum, and better meet the needs of individual students. 
                My goals/plans are also posted on my blog, which can be found at
    houstonisd.org/parkerelem. I will update my blog frequently with classroom news, assignments, and resources for my students.

                Please feel free to contact me if you would like to volunteer, visit our classroom, or set up a conference time. You can contact me through email or by phone.

    Mrs. Walton