• Summer Reading Projects

     English Grades 10-12

     Each student will be given a novel for the summer.

     Projects must be turned in by September 13th

     Option 1:         Students will create a comic-book that depicts the plot of the selection.  Each comic book should have a minimum of 20 boxes. Each box must have dialogue or a caption and ten direct quotes from the selection must be used.

    Option 2:         Students create 2 representations of scenes from the selection using an artistic medium of their choice (with teacher approval).  The scenes must be of artistic quality and include a background, at least two characters, two quotes from the selection, and  a written explanation of each scene.  Quality will be a major focus of this grade.  In other words, if you are not an artist, this is not an option for you. 

    Option 3:         Students will create and record a CD soundtrack for the selection.  There needs to be at least 10 songs on the soundtrack.  Music may be any style: classical, rock, pop, R and B, etc.  You must also include a copy of all lyrics and a brief paragraph (at least 5 sentences) for each song that explains why you chose that song for the chapter.

    Option 4:         Students may create puppets for at least 5 characters of the selection.  Puppets should demonstrate an understanding of the character’s physical characteristics and costumes appropriate for the time period.  In addition, you must include a script for your puppets that demonstrates a clear understanding of the characters in the selection.  In the script you need to include at least 5 quotes from the selection that demonstrates where you got your ideas for the puppets. 

    Option 5:         Choose one main character from the selection and create a visual and written portrait illustrating several aspects of your character’s interior life.  The character project should be visually pleasing and include: a review of significant events involving your character, the three most important lines from the play involving your character, references to your character’s personality traits and changes he or she experienced, and visual symbols of your character or his/her actions.

    Option 6:         Students will create a script and videotape a 10 minute scene that spans at least five pages in the selection.  The script and film (on VHS or DVD) may be set in its historical context or in contemporary times.  It should be well rehearsed, without visible scripts, and use the appropriate background, costumes, and props.  A script will be handed in with the film.

    *Pre-Ap and AP students will receive an additional novel on which they will be assessed the first week of school.