Our Mission

    Through international studies, a personalized environment, and college preparatory curriculum, the Houston Academy for International Studies will prepare students for active roles as global citizens

    Our Guiding Principles and Goals


    • HAIS and teachers will accommodate all students’ diverse needs and talents with a personalized, nurturing environment. 
    • HAIS will support students in identifying and achieving their life goals, in school and out.  Promoting the growth of the whole person is one of the school’s primary values.
    • Students will be active participants in the school and the classroom, assuming responsibility for their own learning.  Teachers will guide students in reflection and self-assessment, constantly seeking feedback and evaluation of their progress.


    • HAIS will respect students’ inherent desire to learn by pushing them toward their highest levels of achievement.
    • HAIS will honor students’ search for meaning and self-motivation by providing authentic, meaningful learning experiences that hold relevance in their lives.
    • HAIS will prepare students for both higher education and the professional world by immersing them in interdisciplinary and interactive learning experiences.  Learning will not be limited to the walls of the classroom—it must include real world experiences.


    • HAIS will prepare students to function as effective, competent and empathetic participants in their local and global communities.
    • Students will develop self and cultural awareness that will make them empathetic, informed citizens of the modern world.

    Instructional Philosophy

    We believe that students can and must learn at relatively high levels of achievement.  It is our job to create an environment in and outside our classrooms that result in this high level of performance.  We are confident that with our support and help, students can master challenging academic material, and we expect them to do so. We are prepared to work collaboratively with colleagues, students, parents and the community to achieve this goal.