• How to request a HAIS Student ID

    Posted by Christopher Hernandez on 8/22/2022

    Good afternoon HAIS students!

    To help a few of the uninformed, I've decided to post here exactly what you'll need to do to request a student ID card.


    Step 1: Contact Mr. Hernandez via email! Despite appearances, HAIS staff are not capable of mind reading yet, so we don't know if you need an ID.

    Step 2: Once you've recieved a reply....Take an approved photo! 

    The requirements for an approved ID photo are as follows:

    Must be taken with a blank background

    No mask, hats, or hoods.

    No selfies (No filters)

    Can only be shoulders and above.

    Must be a RECENT photo.

    Step 3: Write in your name, HISD S number, and HCC W number!

    Step 4: Email all of the above to Mr. Hernandez,and wait to be notified that your ID has been printed,

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  • PowerUp Laptop Loan Agreements

    Posted by Christopher Hernandez on 7/21/2022
    Good morning HAIS!
    The Annual PowerUp Loan Agreement form is up on Our Website! Make sure You have filled out a form, paid the $25 fee, AND EMAILED Mr. Hernandez before coming to HAIS this August to pick up Your PowerUp Laptop! If i don't have your form and receipt on file, you will NOT be getting a laptop that day.
    If you retained a laptop over the SUMMER, then You MUST still fill out a form and pay the $25 fee!
    You can find a link to the form on the left side of your screen!
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  • New HAIS Tech blog!

    Posted by Christopher Hernandez on 8/23/2021 6:00:00 AM

    Hello and welcome! 

    Here you'll find any important news and updates regarding Power Up and Tech for the 2021 school year! Check back here often to see if there are any important things you need to know!

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