• 1st Grade

    By the end of first grade a student should demonstrate proficiency in each academic area.  Following are the expectations for each subject area taught.



    • Read 60 words per minute or more
    • Pass High Frequency Word Evaluation Test 75/75
    • Pass Aprenda/Stanford with 1.6 grade equivalent
    • Read and comprehend stories and answer questions


    Language Arts

    • Identify and correct errors in a simple sentence
    • Write correct simple sentences
    • Identify and write parts of speech in a sentence
    • Summarize a short story
    • Write a short story
    • Identify and write different kinds of sentences (question, statement, exclamatory)
    • Capitalization and punctuation



    • Daily problem solving and computational fluency
    • Identify and extend patterns
    • Estimate, measure, and compare objects according to length, capacity and area
    • Time to hour and a half
    • Coin value and name
    • Collect and organize data in real, pictorial and bar type graphs
    • Fractions – separate into 2, 3, and 4 equal parts.



    • Increase Science vocabulary
    • Acquire science skills like mapping, investigation, and inquire
    • Acquire, develop, and apply application of science concepts such as Earth, life and physical.
    • Generate own ideas through Science experiences.
    • Apply and understand Science concepts to their daily world.
    • Acquire skills which prepare for higher level knowledge taught in upper grades.


    Social Studies

    • Rules and routines
    • Home, family, community, and school
    • Symbols and celebrations
    • Historical figures
    • Geography
    • Government



    • Recognize HFW in English
    • Comprehend teacher instructions in English
    • Comprehend short stories in English
    • Communicate orally using appropriate vocabulary equivalent
    • Write simple short sentences using first grade High Frequency Words