• 3rd Grade


    Students will demonstrate a greater understanding of reading essentials, such as, characterization, story plot, setting and problem resolution. They will also continue to read from a variety of genre including poetry, biographies, and narratives, expository and informational text. Students will also continue to develop a more advanced vocabulary through creative and journal writings.


    Reading/Language Arts Bilingual

    The students in third grade will demonstrate the automatic recognition of words. Will be expected to understand the use of common prefixes and suffixes and know how they change the meaning of the root word. The students will be monitor accuracy in decoding words. We will establish a purpose for reading selected texts and monitor comprehension making corrections and adjustments when that understanding breaks down.
    We will expect to have an independent and successful reader at the end of his/ her third grade.



    Students in third grade will be learning about soil composition and examining and testing the soils that are best for growing plants. They will create a garden by growing a plant from a seed to an adult vegetable. They will also learn about the forces of the earth such as earth quake and glacial movement. Students will create a model of glacial movement to better understand the concept. They will examine living creatures such as plants, worms and crickets up close to help them understand their basic needs. Whenever possible, science will be hands on.


    Science Bilingual

    In 3rd grade science we will cover recognizing and using science equipment and safe practices in the lab.  Physical science will cover the force of gravity on the Earth.  Earth science will cover celestial bodies and land forms.  Life science will cover life cycles of a butterfly and plants.


    Social Studies

    In Social Studies, students will find the history in the community. They will find out the branches of government and what each controls. Finally they will learn about the economy and how it works and effects their lives.


    Social Studies Bilingual

    In third grade we want to built-in skills in every social studies lesson to help prepare students for success by, teach and apply relevant skill within a social studies context (communities), map and globe skills, the understanding of charts and maps, reading comprehension skills as well as thinking and critical skills thorough out the social studies content.



    Even though all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills are important in math, we spend a great deal of time teaching and reviewing  Objective 1 which is Number, Operation and Quantitative Reasoning.  Objective 1 concepts includes using place value to communicate about large numbers, including money.  It also covers fractions and adding, subtracting multipling and dividing to solve meaningful problems.

    Because Objective 6 (Underlying Processes and Mathematical Tools) can be  very difficult for 3rd graders to grasp we encourage the students to solve problems connected to everday experiences and activities in and outside of school.