• 5th Grade

    Language Arts & History

    In 5th grade reading, we focus on encouraging students to make inferences and read between the lines. We read novels together in class so that 5th grade readers can have the experience of studying a book closely, making predictions, and getting to know its characters. We also work on building stamina and teaching students to read for a long period of time with a high-level of comprehension. The reading teachers also teach social studies—where we study American history—and Language Arts combined. We help our students refine their writing and grammar.



    Bonner scientists will be developing a clear understanding of the world
    around them including systems, cycles and forces of the world around them. We will be
    finishing up studying life Science and we will begin reviewing for TAKS and taking
    benchmark tests.



    5th grade students study the following:

    A-Number operations, and quatative reasoning such as place value of whole numbers and
    decimals, use fractions in problem-solving situations, addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, and division.
    B-Patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking.
    C-Gemoetry and Spacial Reasoning
    E-Probabilities and statistics
    F-Underlying processes and mathematicals tools