About FBMS Karate

  • Frank Black Middle School's award-winning karate program competes locally, statewide and nationally. Known as the Kickstart Kids, the karate elective utilizes a values curriculum though a partnership with Rachel's Challenge building on the traditional martial arts emphasis on respect and discipline.

    The Kickstart Kids Program at FBMS is dedicated to enriching students' lives through the art of Karate. Through their martial arts journey from white belt to black belt, students will learn many self-defense skills as well as philosophies needed for everyday life. It is a lifelong art that has many benefits for all ages and backgrounds. 
    Sensei Garza started his martial arts journey in 2003 at FBMS under his Sensei Dereck Stinson. Now he has been carrying the torch and giving back to his own students what martial arts did for his life. It is his passion to teach the younger generations and to see them grow from beginners to full martial artist and young adults. 
    "Before the battle of the fist, comes the battle of the mind."
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