Frank Black Middle School has an active Parent Teacher Organization.  The PTO sponsors school dances, conducts fundraising projects and provides support to faculty and staff members. Parents are encouraged to get involved through any one of our several committees. There’s bound to be a committee that matches each parent’s interests and/or abilities. Parents can also get involved by participating in PTO sponsored events and attending our general meetings. Please see below for contact information. Please feel free to contact any member of the board or committee chairperson if you have any questions or would like to know more.
    Click here to for more information, to contribute or to join the PTO electronic newsletter distribution list.
    PTO General Meetings are scheduled on Thursdays 8AM or 6PM.
    Meetings are held in the Student Community Center.  (General meetings are held as needed with a minimum of 4 per year; please confirm the meeting during the month in which it is scheduled.) 

    20202 - 2021 PTO Board & Committee Members

    Executive Board


    President - Ruth Mendez - president@fbmspto.org
    Secretary -  Nicole Weaver - secretary@fbmspto.org
    Parliamentarian - Amy Maddux - parliamentarian@fbmspto.org
    Treasurer - Tracy Lisewsky - treasurer@fbmspto.org
    1st VP, Education - Jennifer Perry - 1stvp@fbmspto.org 
    2nd VP, Resources - Lori Araiza - 2ndvp@fbmspto.org
    3rd VP, Community Building - Yanira Dudley - 3rdVP@fbmspto.org 
    8th Grade Representative - Michelle Galindo - Classof2021@fbmspto.org 
    7th Grade Representative - Cheyanna Brehm - Classof2022@fbmspto.org
    6th Grade Representative - LaTrice Ferguson - Classof2023@fbmspto.org 


    Committee Chairs 

    Academics Liaison - Amelie Comeaux - academics@fbmspto.org

    Athletics Liaison - Trena Allen Hogge - athletics@fbmspto.org

    Auction - Bobbi Porter - auction@fbmspto.org 
    Box Tops - Melanie Carl - boxtops@fbmspto.org

    Campus Beautification - facilities@fbmspto.org
    Career Day - Positon on Hold - careerday@fbmspto.org
    Color Run - Trena Allen Hogge - colorrun@fbmspto.org
    Community Relations - Elizabeth Villarreal - news@fbmspto.org
    E-News - Megan Rasmussen - newsletter@fbmspto.org
    Fine Arts - Kristy Jhaver - arts@fbmspto.org
    Fall Fundraiser - Marysia Norris - fundraiser@fbmspto.org

    Finance Committee/Assistant Treasurer - Position on hold - finance@fbmspto.org
    Grants - Jenny Odinet - grants@fbmspto.org

    Grant Writing - Need -grantwriting@fbmspto.org

    Homecoming Dance - Amy Roe-Soliz/Cheyanna Brehm - dance@fbmspto.org

    Hospitality - Karen Smiley - hospitality@fbmspto.org

    Legislative - Heather Golden - legislative@fbmspto.org

    Library - On Hold - library@fbmspto.org
    Membership - Alex Sanchez - membership@fbmspto.org
    News/Public Relations - Evie Schoene - news@fbmspto.org
    T-shirts - Dina Budzisz - tshirts@fbmspto.org
    Tailgate - Courtney Dawes - tailgate@fbmspto.org
    Teacher Appreciation - Betsy Denson - tap@fbmspto.org 

    Service Field Trips - Cara Ramelow - service@fbmspto.org
    Social Media - Stella Stevens - socialmedia@fbmspto.org
    Spirit Night/Kona Ice - Emily Zihlman/Elyssa Horvath - spiritnight@fbmspto.org

    Sponsorships - Sonya Pursell - sponsorships@fbmspto.org

    Website - Andrea Robinson - website@fbmspto.org